The Promise

IT IS TIME! The 2024 season of THE PROMISE is upon us! 

Trace Creek is incredibly blessed to have a strong background in musical drama. This is evident when Easter comes around each year and we begin preparing for another year of "The Promise." 

This passion play began in Glen Rose, Texas in 1989 and was then brought to Branson, Missouri in 1996.  In 1993, The Promise became the first Christian production to be allowed into the former Soviet Union!  In the late 1990s, we at "The Creek" were able to obtain the rights to present this production, beginning with our inaugural 2000 season. 

The 2023 season saw over 400 people involved in the cast and crew! Over the course of seven performances, we reached over 7,000 people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We see individuals saved each year through the performances and, sometimes, even the rehearsals. This season, due to overwhelming demand, we have added an additional performance date, giving you eight opportunities to experience the life of Jesus! Come and join us this year!!