The word of God makes it very clear, "God inhabits the praises of His people!" And so, may our worship and praise be pleasing unto Him. He is our audience and truly knowing Him is our ultimate goal. That is our passion in the Music/Drama Ministry, and we invite you to join us! We are committed to growing our hearts toward God and, by example, teaching our congregation the importance of worshipping the Father in truth and in spirit. If you have an interest in music or drama and feel that this is the place where God would have you invest your time and talent, please feel free to join us. Our Music Minister, Bro. Mike Reed, is always looking for new recruits! Whatever your skill level, we are looking for committed Christians who want to put Jesus first in their praises. Join us as we exalt His name together!

ADULT WORSHIP CHOIR - Our worship choir is comprised of non-professional volunteers who love the Lord and enjoy praising Him through song. They sing four-part harmony with varied styles of music, from contemporary to southern gospel, and everything in between. They sing in the Sunday morning and evening worship services, as well as for special occasions. They rehearse on Sunday afternoons from 4:32 until 6:00. Bro. Mike Reed is the choir director.

PRAISE ENSEMBLE - This group is normally utilized to bring the congregation into worship. We also use these singers as back-up on certain songs when needed. These are auditioned parts. Our praise ensemble is comprised of women and men who rehearse on Wednesday evenings between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m.

PRAISE BAND - Our praise band currently consists of piano, organ, keyboard, bass guitar, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, strings and drums. Bongo and flutophone are sometimes added, as well as other instruments as needed. You play another instrument? Join us! 

Contact Bro. Mike Reed more information about our Music & Drama Ministry