In looking for ministry, most people are looking to get connected to a men's ministry, women's ministry, young adult ministry or whatever. This makes sense, and we are still structured around reaching out to people based on their age, life-stage, and interestes. While we are excited about all that God is accomplishing at Trace Creek through various life-stage ministries over the years, we are realizing that the body of Christ is NOT supposed to be divided unnecessarily along age, gender, or life-stage lines.

We desire to meet you where you are, whether you are in need of counseling or simply looking for fellowship with other believers. While we are absolutely committed to ministering to you for the glory of God, we believe that ministry should not be designed according to what fits us best. God has designed the body of Christ to be organized in such a way that relationships are built so that God's mission is accomplished through His people.

In fact, the key to understanding our mission is realizing that it doesn't start with you. It starts with understanding God and His heart, plan, and purpose for this world. Only from there can we understand how you as an individual are called to be a part of God’s larger purpose.

We want to get you connected to what God is doing through believers here at Trace Creek.


Men's Ministries at Trace Creek offer many opportunities for growth and service including:

  • Bible Studies & Conferences
  • Home Improvement Projects for Widows and Elderly
  • Weekly teaching and caregiving ministries
  • Mentoring New Christians
  • Monthly Prayer Breakfast (Please come join us each 1st Saturday at 8:00 am for fellowship, breakfast, devotion and prayer in the Tea Room)



Women's Ministries at Trace Creek offer many opportunities for growth and service including:

  • Ladies' Fellowship
  • Weekly teaching and caregiving ministries
  • Mentoring New Christians
  • HIM Ministry (meets on Tuesday mornings in the FLC) Watch a slideshow of their quilts!
  • Prayer Ministry



SENIOR SAINTS- super active folks over 55! Our seniors are one of the most active groups at Trace Creek. They are always ready for a new adventure. They are also our greatest assets because of their Godly wisdom and commitment to the Lord. We thank God for such a group of examples.

MONTHLY OUTINGS - Our Senior Saints, who are generally adults of retirement age, usually go on an outing the third week of each month. This day trip may consist of a shopping trip, Eagle watching at LBL, a road trip across the country side to find the best ice cream, going to events from here to Nashville, or something similar. One thing is for sure, we are going to eat somewhere and most the time we are back before dark. There is nothing like the fellowship of being together with other believers, whether it is here, there, or somewhere in between. Please feel free to join us, that is, if you can keep up and you do not have to be 55 to go!

TRIPS - Every other year we make plans to take our Senior Saints on a 3-4 day trip. In the past we have visited places like, Washington DC, Branson, MO, Gatlinburg, TN, Savannah GA, and the ARK near Lexington, KY. There is never a dull moment with this great group of people.